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Our Mission:

Overland Training was created to prepare vehicle-dependent expedition travelers for the challenges and opportunities associated with exploring the globe. These skills include vehicle operation, recovery and repair, along with expedition planning and logistics. Being properly prepared for remote travel also requires competencies with modern communication tools and a proficiencies in wilderness medicine. Overland Training provides these skills through comprehensive field training courses presented by experts in their field.

Our focus:

Overland Training was founded on three pillars of instruction, which we believe are the foundation for successful expedition travel.

1. The Overland Institute: The cornerstone of our training mission, the Overland Institute courses are designed to prepare vehicle-dependent travelers with detailed instruction on vehicle operation, vehicle recovery, equipment selection and packing, expedition logistics and planning, and as a capstone course, cultures and conservation.

2. Expedition Leadership: Even as a solo traveler, an expedition requires good leadership skills, which include assessment of risk, analyzing available solutions and taking decisive action. All leadership courses are conducted in the field to best simulate real-world conditions and challenges.

3. Expedition Photography: Many expeditions are a trip of a lifetime for amateur adventurers, while other expeditions are conducted by journalists, photographers and filmmakers. Without question, quality documentation of the travel experience is an essential skill for the adventurer. Overland Training employs Emmy-Award winning filmmakers and professional photographers to instruct our students in capturing the most compelling images possible.

Our customers:

Overland Training customers are discerning travelers that wish to expand their knowledge and competencies as adventurers. Our customers appreciate and expect an academic and professional approach to learning.

Overland Training customers include the US Special Forces, Land Rover North America, Jeep, State Agencies, Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs) and adventure-focused corporations.

Overland Training team members also conduct equipment testing and performance validation for the 4wd, motorcycle and outdoor industries, and have evaluated hundreds of products. Additional services include media support for new-vehicle launches, and professional drivers for proof-of-performance testing and media collateral.

What we are not:

We do not educate drivers in "extreme" 4wd skills, like those found in competitive rock racing. Our training focuses on driving in harsh, remote environments, with street-licenced, full-bodied 4wds and Adventure Motorcycles. The goal is to always minimize risk to the vehicle, its occupants and the environment.

We only instruct with the highest-quality equipment and vehicles available, and in the most professional facilities and most desirable training locations.

We are not a part-time organization. Overland Training is operated by a full-time staff of professional educators. Our Directors all have advanced higher-education degrees, and have participated in academic course development and delivery at universities around the country. Our directors have worked in executive management, as scientists, as educators and as higher-education consultants. There are no 4wd and Adventure Motorcycle training courses in the world (that we are aware of) that have degreed instructors that have also won competitive 4wd and motorcycle events. We believe that this unique combination of experienced educators and engineering/management professionals, along with international 4wd and motorcycle event champions presents a compelling advantage to our students.

Our Partners:

expeditions west logo
Expeditions West, LLC

The parent company for Overland Training. Expeditions West is an adventure services organization, specializing in vehicle-depended expedition travel, vehicle and equipment testing and high-quality media content
Overland Journal Logo
Overland Journal

"The publication for environmentally responsible, worldwide vehicle-dependent expedition and adventure travel."

Overland Video Logo
Overland Video

Overland Video is a sister division to Overland Training, and provides high-quality HD Video footage to the web, television and movies. Overland Video has completed project for quality companies like ExxonMobil, EarthRoamer, Fox News, ARB and others.
Overland Society

The Overland Society

The Overland Society is a 501c3 not-for-profit founded by overland travelers to help facilitate and grow the community of vehicle-dependent expedition travelers around the globe.

Several trainers for Overland Training are board members and executives for the Overland Society.

The Overland Society is open to membership by invitation only.

Tread Lightly

Overland Training instructors are all Tread Trainer certified. Overland Training's lead instructor Scott Brady is a Master Trainer. Treading Lightly is an essential skill for the environmentally responsible expedition traveler.

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