Sportsmobile Training

Nemo Equipment becomes Overland Certified

Cam Brensinger, Founder and President of Nemo Equipment brought his company onto the Overland Training certification path by being the latest company CEO to complete the course. Nemo designs and manufactures some of the most innovative new tents and camping gear in the world and have been awarded many industry accolades in their short history. Cam values quality and craftsmanship and his products reflect this in spades. Take a look at the Cam's blog entry and at their press release on Overland Certification.

"Collectively, there were several lifetimes worth of knowledge and experience present. A whole new world to explore. "

Cam Brensinger

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Sportsmobile Training

Sportsmobile Attend the Comprehensive Course:

As a major vehcile manufacturer in the overland market, Sportsmobile understands how it takes not only the right equipment, but the right training to provide a complete overland package. Sportsmobile attended the Overland Training comprehensive course in heineous weather conditions and showed that not only is the Sportsmobile an incredibly capable platform, but with the right training it can be taken anywhere in the world.

"I believe you are on the right track and are offering a very professional program that we all benefited from."

Alan Feld

MSOAG Training

Special Forces Desert Driving Training:

Overland Training consults with SOCOM on unsupported expedition travel in the remote deserts of the world. Training included driving, recovery, cultures and geology, dune driving and recovery and advanced driving and evasion techniques. Overland Training is an approved government and US military training vendor.

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the
opportunity to attend such a well put together and informative course that will definitely benefit my team.

GySgt Reynolds III"

Fuso FG 4wd

Training the Individual Explorer:

Douglas and Stephanie Hackney participated in two customized training sessions, which included expedition medical training and basic survival awareness. Initial training session covered basic driving scenarios and proof of concept validation of the base Fuso/Camper configuration. Testing resulted in a series of recommended engineering revisions.

First, thank you very much for a very professional and personable experience. It was amazing what we were able to learn in 48 short hours. Doug"

The second customized training session included advanced driving and recovery scenarios, crossed-axle obstacles and cambered terrain testing. The weather allowed for several deep water crossing tests and mud driving scenarios.

"...Thanks so much for your efforts. You are a consummate pro
and are excellent at reading the needs, and meeting those needs, in your

The two days was exactly what we needed, as well as exactly what we hoped to accomplish, which were two different things. Be well, Doug"

Doug and Stephanie left shortly after the training for a round-the-world expedition, and are currently in South America.


Training the Solo Explorer:

Adriana was preparing for a multi-year expedition into Mexico, Central America and on to South America in her FZJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser. We conducted a series of trip and vehicle preparation consulting sessions and ended with a multi-day driving and recovery training session.

"Scott and Chris,

Many thanks to you for all the help and support you've given me.
Looking back I think the most important thing I've learned is that I
am prepared. I've had every intention on going but now I have the
confidence of knowing that someone as experienced as yourself, a
professional driver, traveler and trainer thinks I'm a good driver
and am prepared to do an expedition such as this. That really means a
lot to me personally. Now when/if people make discouraging comments I
know I'm not just crazy or stubborn, I really can do this.

The important technical skill I learned was working with the winch.
The driving was fun and I enjoyed it and I feel much more confident
about my ability to handle those types of roads. It was also nice to
work with the jacks. I also appreciate the checklist we created. I've
given Rocky my notes on all the issues we discovered and I'll put together a spreadsheet type checklist I can laminate..."

land rover training
Range Rover Training
Land Rover North America: Instructor

Overland Training has conducted both Land Rover owner training and Land Rover resource training at various dealerships and events. Training includes basic 4wd use, vehicle attributes and awareness. Land Rover vehicles, while highly capable, are also complex in operation, and require awareness of suspension settings, traction control operation, etc.

Arizona State Parks Training

Arizona State Parks 4wd Training:

Lead Trainer for the AZ State Parks 4wd training project, which was conducted at 13 locations throughout Arizona, training hundreds of students on responsible 4wd use.

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