"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing."
--Theodore Roosevelt

Exceptional leaders are defined by their ability to calmly and decisively resolve challenge and conflict, while retaining a clear vision towards a goal. Expedition and adventure travel, by nature, is highly variable, and whether traveling solo around the globe on an Adventure Motorcycle, or leading a group of 15 Land Rovers across Kenya, the success of any venture is often defined by the leadership abilities of the individual out front.

Overland Training's Leadership School focuses on the essential attributes of outdoor leadership, beginning with assessment exercises, for determining the strengths and weakness of your team member, and yourself. Assessment training continues with situational awareness and risk management exercises, designed to reduce the chance of conflict or crisis before it begins. Advanced exercises include incident command skills, effective delegation techniques and managing team dynamics.

The Expedition Guiding course reviews the key skill sets and techniques required to lead and manage commercial vehicle-dependent guiding projects. From decades of guiding throughout the globe, our team of leadership instructors has assembled a curriculum that prepares new, and currently operating guides for the challenges and rewards of commercial expedition guiding. The course ends with detailed business management components, like permitting, insurance, medical training, equipment selection and developing resources.

The Overland Institute executive leadership courses are as applicable in the field, as they are in the corner office.

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Professional Leadership Training
Expedition Leadership: Introduction
Two-day Field Training Course
The success of most expeditions is measured by the effectiveness, planning and problem solving skills of its leaders. Overland Training focuses on a in-field professional management program that will develop the critical thinking and management skills of the participants by reviewing team dynamics, cascading event models and risk management. Student will resolve real-world challenges by assessing the environment and personal influences, analyzing available options and taking decisive action. Qualifies as an elective towards Overland Certification
Expedition Guiding
Three-day Field Training Course
This course is designed to train individuals and commercial organizations in the skills necessary to guide paying clients in the outdoors, including outside US borders. Our instructors will share their experiences and "lessons learned" while guiding in the Jungles of Central America to the Massai lands of Central Africa. Particular emphasis is placed on expedition planning, setting client expectations, mitigating risk, obtaining permits and developing resources in the host regions.
Prerequisite: Overland Certification


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