Overland Training Technical Paper Series

At Overland Training we believe that technical subjects should not be left inadequately explained. Many of the things we teach in our courses have sound scientific bases, and this technical paper series will put some of those concepts on paper in a way we hope is easy to understand. The first technical paper deals with tire pressure, and can be downloaded below as a pdf:
We all talk about it, but how does tire pressure really effect performance?
Overland Water Management
Case Study

Getting drinking water from watering holes frequented by cattle and wildlife and test the dedication of the hardiest overlanders. So what to do when faced with a situation like that? There is a great deal of science involved in making sure water is potable. Beyond potable, water should ideally be clear and palatable. Every municipal water treatment facility has the equipment and expertise to do this, but for the overlander, accessing the science and understanding what needs to be done in a mobile setting can be a real challenge. The Overland Institute has put a great deal of work into this and our scientists have some very practical answers.
Zero-Emission Expedition
Current research project

Question: Is a zero emission vehicle dependant expedition viable? Short of using bicycles, vehicle dependent expeditions in this day and age have to rely on fossil fuels. Yet overlanders are becoming increasing aware of the impacts their vehicles are having on the environment. The Overland Institute is taking a very careful look at this question and our staff expect to have an answer soon.
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